My name is Vitaly Kavaz-Ogly. On this site you can learn in detail
about me and my professional achievements in the field of jewelry
3D modeling and jewelry design.
Brief facts about me:
● Artist & Creator ● Teacher ● Crypto Enthusiast ●
● Jewelry designer & Jewelry 3D-modeler ●
● Master of Fine Arts Degree ●
● Founder of the first-ever Digital Luxury Brand ●
● Artist & Creator ● Teacher ● Crypto Enthusiast ●
● Jewelry designer & Jewelry 3D-modeler ●
● Master of Fine Arts Degree ●
● Founder of the first-ever Digital Luxury Brand ●
Stages of my professional development
Or who am I to make you trust me?
Below you can see the main milestones of my professional activity in the field of jewelry design
and 3D jewelry, starting from 2002 and ending today.
Stages of my professional development
Or who am I to make you trust me?
Below you can see the main milestones of my professional activity in the field of jewelry design
and 3D jewelry, starting from 2002 and ending today.
July 2002
The first (unsuccessful) attempt to enter the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts (USAAA). By this time, I have already had two years of art school and the faculty of humanities and law of the Economics and Law College behind.
September 2002
Enrollment in a coterie of jewelry and the first experience of acquaintance with the technology of making jewelry
and working with materials.
July 2003
The second attempt to enter the department of jewelry art of the USAAA was successful. An important role in admission was played by the jewelry pieces made by me during the process of study in a jewelry coterie before.
September 2003
Beginning of studies at the USAAA and mastering such disciplines as Design, Composition, Coloring, Volumetric-spatial modeling, Plastic modeling, Jewelry production technology, Gemology, Theory and history of jewelry art, Design philosophy, Academic painting, Academic drawing, Academic sculpture, etc.
February 2004
Getting a job in a stone-cutting workshop, gaining experience in working with gems when creating a three-dimensional mosaic, putting into practice the sculpture skills
acquired at the academy.
The classrooms are imbued with the spirit of creativity
January 2006
The first acquaintance with the Rhinoceros 3D modeling package version 3 at the amateur level in order to implement my educational design projects.
September 2007
The first publication of an educational design project created with the help of Rhinoceros in a magazine about jewelry
and stone-cutting art PLATINUM (№3-2007)
February 2008
Admission to work at the "Jewelers of the Urals" plant and the first professional application of 3D modeling skills in Rhino. The beginning of a close acquaintance with prototyping technologies.
July 2009
Graduation from the university with a Red Diploma and a Bronze medal for one of the best diploma design projects among studentsof the Institute of Decorative
and Applied Arts of the USAAA.
Admission to the graduate school of USAAA.
May 2010
The establishment of my own company "ISOMETRIA" LLC
and employment in the status of a legally registered freelancer. Gaining experience in cooperation with various jewelry manufacturers.
Six years in lovely USAAA flew by like one day!
December 2010
Start of work on creating my own jewelry brand
and filing an application for registration of the
JEALOUSY trademark to Rospatent.
May 2011
Start running the Blog of Jeweler 3D Modeler and Jewelry Designer and the launch on its basis of a regular multimedia magazine VIRTUAL JEWELRY MANUFACTORY with free author's materials, related to the subject of jewelry
design and jewelry 3D.
June 2011
The beginning of cooperation as an invited specialist with the "Family Gold" plant in Yekaterinburg, assistance in the repair and maintenance of the prototyping machine of one of the popular manufacturers.
October 2012
Obtaining the long-awaited JEALOUSY trademark registration certificate! Two years after the application, I become a full-fledged owner of the brand!
November 2012
An attempt to launch a CAD-Exchange - a stock of 3D jewelry models which development took about 10 months. But due to lack of funds for the development of the project,
it had to be frozen.
Freelancer is a free prisoner of his profession
December 2012
Completion of work on my first full-fledged paid training video course 3D Reanimation in Magics, dedicated to editing and fixing of stl* files in Materialise Magics software.
January 2013
The first lecture on the theory of jewelry design at the
Jewelry Designers Club organized jointly with one of the most famous Russian jewelry brands - the Ringo company.
Then there were several more cool lectures, but in the end
the project also had to be frozen.
February 2013
Acquaintance with my largest customer, whose tasks prompted me to study in detail the tools and functions of the software used in jewelry 3D. It was this that subsequently made me one of the best and most famous specialists in my field in the Russian-speaking space for a long time.
July 2013
Purchase of a wax CNC milling machine and gaining new practical experience in the field of jewelry
production technology.
September 2013
Organization and training of the team, recruited from among the readers of the blog and joint work on the jewelry 3D models manufacturing orders.
Talk about sore points in the Jewelery Designers Club
June 2014
The launch of a large-scale 23-hour video course called
Rhino Virtuoso, created in the process of training the team and containing all the author's methods of working with the 3D jewelry software known at that time.
October 2014
Completion of the remaining orders for 3D-modeling of jewelry and full transition to distance teaching.
January 2015
Launch of a line of video courses on Rhinoceros for beginners. In total, 4 training programs were launched, covering all the main aspects of creating jewelry 3D models.
April 2015
Attending a conference on the infobusiness automation in Moscow, which gave the idea of organizing our own live thematic event in the capital. All subsequent 5 months were directed exclusively to the implementation of this idea.
September 2015
Conducting the Virtuosos Camp - a live 5-day super-intensive in Moscow! Perhaps the most significant milestone in professional my activity. A total of 18 people from different parts of the country and even from abroad came to this event!
October 2015
Establishment of the League of Virtuosos - a professional community, among the first members of which were participants of the Virtuosos Camp. Subsequently, the community was replenished with other talented representatives of various specialties related to the jewelry art.
December 2015
The launch of the continuation of the "Rhino Virtuoso"
video course, called "Rhino Virtuoso Unreleased" and
containing new effective authoring techniques,
first announced at the Virtuoso Camp.
The project is increasingly positioned not as a
Blog of 3D-modeler and jewelry designer, but as a
April 2016
Launch of a community in the Russian-language social network Vkontakte. The purpose of the community is to help colleagues in an independent estimating of the cost of manufacturing jewelry 3D models. At the same time, due to disagreements with one of the co-authors, "Unpublished" had to be withdrawn from sale.
September 2016
The launch of a comprehensive video course on
T-Splines for beginners, perhaps the most long-awaited
among the audience of blog readers.
It took 8 months to create the course.
November 2016
Making the decision to leave the jewelry industry due to Autodesk's announcement that T-Splines will no longer be sold. Freeze all projects except customer support.
Read more about my leaving here
January 2019
After spending several years in the world of finance, startups, investments and speculative crypto projects, I come to the conclusion that all this is just preparation for something much bigger. I want my own company, my own jewelry startup, but I still don't know exactly what it should be. For the first time in a long period, I'm getting in touch with my old audience.
February 2020
A year later, I already have a pretty clear idea of what kind of company I want. I make the final decision to return to the jewelry and assemble a new team. So, on the basis of the good old VIRTUAL JEWELRY MANUFACTORY, the project gets a new short and stylish nameе - VIJEMA.
March 2020
The jewelry industry in Russia is getting the final knockout as a result of the lockdown story. Many are fleeing the industry in panic, but I am officially announcing my return. Coincidentally.
On this occasion, I am holding two broadcasts called Cryptojewelry and dedicated to the use of blockchain technology in art, primarily in jewelry.
April 2020
The concept of VIJEMA (VIrtual JEwelry MAnufactory) is being transformed into the concept of the first of its kind digital jewelry brand that creates jewelry designed to be
displayed and "worn" in a digital environment -
a virtual and augmented reality (VR / AR).
June 2020
Along the way with work on VIJEMA, we are updating and relaunching the Rhino Virtuoso Unreleased course with one of my partners - thus fulfilling our commitment, made even before I left the jeweler, that the course will
be updated periodically.
Three and a half years later, back in business!
July 2020
While everyone is on vacation, I decide to implement another old idea - to start vlogging! This is how the Youtube channel MAKE KRASIVO appears about people from the creative environment and not only who are able to create beauty in the literal and figurative sense.
September 2020
Everybody is back at work. Randomness leads our startup to participate in the selection for the accelerator of the Sverdlovsk Venture Fund. We easily pass the selection, even with a simpler idea that we have been working on since spring - turnable rendered jewelry animation services for online jewelry stores.
October 2020
We are expelled from the accelerator due to a conflict with management on a subject that has nothing to do with business and business relations in general. Well, anyway, we didn't count on anything serious here - just submitted for experience.
November 2020
The team burned out. Everyone was tired of that simple idea we were working on, and the launch of a commercial proposal, despite all the efforts made, did not bring customers. It took too much time and effort to test the niche. In fact, at this point the team finally broke up and then I again moved alone.
2021 - Now
I had to devote this year entirely to personal matters, so there were no significant events, except, perhaps, the launch of KAVAZ LIFE - the second (amateur) YouTube channel on which I share moments from ordinary life.
What's next?
Is this the end of the story? Of course not! I tried in this life, perhaps, everything that I was interested in doing, and only once again I was convinced that I am a jeweler to the fullest! This is not my first broken team and not the first difficulties. VIJEMA will continue to evolve in one form or another, and that's what I'm working on in my spare time. After all, 3D jewelry for me is not only a job, but also a hobby. And now I have found a way to combine my desire to create jewelry collections with my other hobby - the crypto industry and blockchain! But more on that another time! If you want to keep up to date with events - subscribe via the links at the top or end of the page.
Attracting investments - everything is like in adults! :)
My Rhinoceros, T-Splines & Magics courses
The development of training programs for jewelry 3D modelers
was my main activity for a long period of my professional career.
Below is a list of my video courses for jewelers 3D modelers of any level
of training - from complete dummies to seasoned pros.

Sorry, there is a lot in Russian here, but this is just so that you understand what work
I have done for the Russian-speaking jewelry community in terms of popularizing 3D modeling.
For almost 20 years, one way or another devoted to jewelry design and jewelry 3D:
3D Jewelry Models built in Rhino and T-Splines
Hours of pure time spent creating 3D jewelry models
Video tutorials and lectures on jewelry design and 3D recorded
My projects
It just so happened that after graduation, as I deepened into my specialty,
I was constantly drawn to all sorts of thematic experiments. All of them, in general, have already been listed above. Only one of them turned out to be really successful, but one way or another,
a lot of effort and a piece of soul were invested in each such experiment,
so it would be unfair not to mention them on this page.
Blog of the jeweler 3D-modeler
An author's blog about jewelry in 3D and jewelry design, which I have been actively running for more than 5 years and which during that time became the basis of a more global project called Virtual Jewelry Manufactory. Initially, as I said earlier, this was the name of the video magazine published as part of the blog, but later the whole set of useful resources was combined under this brand - a Youtube channel with a huge amount of free educational content, a Vkontakte group for estimating the cost of creating jewelry 3D models, Telegram- channel and others.
JEALOUSY | Jewelry design
JEALOUSY jewelry design studio website. This is my very first brainchild, conceived as a platform for publishing my design works. However, designing jewelry collections for most of my professional activity was an unacceptable luxury for me due to lack of time and the need to earn money, so the project had to be mothballed. And yet this area of my activity has begun to revive in a new project.
CAD Exchange
Online stock of jewelry 3D models. Superb quality CAD files from top modellers. This project was an attempt to improve the state of affairs of all 3D jewelers by giving them the opportunity to put their work up for sale. The buyers of these models were supposed to be jewelry manufacturers. At the end of 2012, the technical functionality of the site was finally debugged, but it soon became clear that a whole staff of professionals would be required to administer the resource. So due to the lack of funds to launch the project, another good idea did not see the light of day.
Jewelry Designers Club
Another experiment launched by me together with the Ringo company - one of the largest and most famous Russian jewelry brands. This time the goal was to promote a thoughtful approach to the very concept of jewelry design, both on the part of designers and buyers of jewelry. As part of the project, I read several author's lectures on the theory of jewelry design, but since the project began to take an indecently large amount of time and was placed almost entirely on my shoulders at no cost, it, like other projects, had to be frozen very soon.
The JEALOUSY brand, as an idea of one dreamy student, was not destined to come true. However, when an entire team, led by a now experienced founder, takes over, things can turn out very differently! VIJEMA (short for Virtual Jewelry Manyfactory) is a digital jewelry brand and startup whose main goal is to create a culture of wearing virtual jewelry in an augmented reality environment. The second direction is high-tech jewelry - i.e. a jewelry at the intersection of classical jewelry art with industrial design.

UPD: The team broke up, but the idea and its author remained - with my intention to continue the journey. And that means the project is still alive. Other times will come, and other people too.
I know what it means to give everything to the jewelry :)
My design
Despite the fact that for most of my career I have been creating 3D models of mass-produced jewelry, I have always considered jewelry design to be my main specialization. Therefore, here I share examples of my design concepts, made in different styles.
ENGINE (2010)
Life is a mad race! And every new day is a new start. And the reward for victory is a dream that comes true. We all have our own incentive, our own internal engine that makes us rush forward in an effort to achieve the goal. And the winner in this race is the one whose will is unbending, the one whose desire is irresistible, the one whose fiery motor has unstoppable power.
Big city - big stakes! And, sometimes, the law is powerless here. She defends the law, but in her own way! She enjoys shooting and sirens chases around the metropolis at night and often goes beyond her job description! Yes, she is a bad cop! And if you want to add something else to her address, it is better to remain silent, because everything you say can be used against you!
PURITY (2012)
Pure thoughts, pure plasticity, pure victory! The project is dedicated to the victory of our outstanding rhythmic gymnast Evgenia Kanaeva at the Olympic Games in London in 2012. The Unicorn was taken as the main associative image as a symbol of nobility, purity, unbending will to win and boundless kindness - all those character traits that her coaches highlight in their interviews. Each of the rings of this collection symbolizes a set of certain pronounced qualities of an athlete, and in each case these qualities are conveyed through the stylization of one of the items used in this sport.
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