My design portfolio
Despite the fact that for most of my career I have been creating 3D models of mass-produced jewelry, I have always considered jewelry design to be my main specialization. Therefore, here I share examples of my design concepts, made in different styles.

ENGINE (2010)
Life is a mad race! And every new day is a new start. And the reward for victory is a dream that comes true. We all have our own incentive, our own internal engine that makes us rush forward in an effort to achieve the goal. And the winner in this race is the one whose will is unbending, the one whose desire is irresistible, the one whose fiery motor has unstoppable power.
Big city - big stakes! And, sometimes, the law is powerless here. She defends the law, but in her own way! She enjoys shooting and sirens chases around the metropolis at night and often goes beyond her job description! Yes, she is a bad cop! And if you want to add something else to her address, it is better to remain silent, because everything you say can be used against you!
PURITY (2012)
Pure thoughts, pure plasticity, pure victory! The project is dedicated to the victory of our outstanding rhythmic gymnast Evgenia Kanaeva at the Olympic Games in London in 2012. The Unicorn was taken as the main associative image as a symbol of nobility, purity, unbending will to win and boundless kindness - all those character traits that her coaches highlight in their interviews. Each of the rings of this collection symbolizes a set of certain pronounced qualities of an athlete, and in each case these qualities are conveyed through the stylization of one of the items used in this sport.
For centuries, humanity has sought to facilitate its existence. This was the beginning of scientific and technological progress. Endless experiments and attempts by scientists to improve life with the help of smart machines gradually bore fruit. But people did not even notice how they suddenly became slaves of their own technologies. The machines have already gone on the offensive. They lie like shackles on our hands, squeezing the pulse, dig into the flesh with thin tentacles, seizing control of vitally important organs. They squash the temples with an iron vice, subjugating our consciousness and feeding on the warmth of the human body. The battle is lost. The power of technology has come
TOXIN (2007)
What if it wasn't like that at all? What if it was not the machines that destroyed humanity at all, but the conscious purposeful actions of some of its representatives?! How many more climatic, geological, biological and other crazy experiments will this planet withstand and where is the guarantee that the next one will not be the last for the Earth? And if one day it does happen, then only beauty will save the world. The "TOXIN" set for work in the zone of ecological disasters is a portable wearable set of equipment for measuring all types of radiation, taking samples and conducting analyzes in the affected area. Just what a modern stalker girl needs in case of a zombie apocalypse.
In her free time from walking along the streets of the post-apocalyptic metropolis shrouded in nuclear winter, our stalker girl, like any normal girl, must take care of her appearance. But the specific nature of her activity leaves a very peculiar imprint on this part of her life. And therefore, instead of powder - nuclear dust with plutonium isotopes, instead of shadows and nail polishes - radioluminescent compositions based on tritium, instead of perfume - radionuclide liquid in a uranium glass bottle. And of course, an original ladies' set made of niobium alloy in a stylish case.
The diploma set "Crystal Dream" was made using decorative elements and techniques developed on the basis of studying the theory of one of the most elegant sports - figure skating. In this work, without going into details of the image of skates, figure skaters and other visual attributes of figure skating and conveying more or less naturalistic only the texture of cracking ice, I leave the viewer the opportunity to freely interpret my work, not forcing, but only leading him to the author's point of view. A dream is called crystal, at the thought of which the heart stops, which is nurtured for a long time, sacredly kept and protected from all kinds of outside interference, from ironic ridicule. This is not even a cherished dream, but a crystal one - a dream that has become the goal and meaning of life. It is fragile and the chances of bringing it to life are negligible, and therefore it is even more desirable. This is the dream of a real athlete - to become the best among the best and climb the pedestal to the anthem of his country, even after spending years of hard work on this.